AI-Powered Workflow Tools for DevX Teams

Katara is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that is transforming the way companies engage, educate and convert developers into advocates!

Empower your Developer Relations Team with AI

From a single interface, manage technical Q&A across all community / social platforms like Discord, Telegram, with Github Discussions and Slack coming soon.

Our agents can be configured to answer complex queries about your project directly or deliver responses into Private Team channels for human-in-the-loop review & editing - as your team answers, the model improves - making improvements to your content over time.

Questions &

  • Create and deploy a custom agent in minutes on all supported platforms.
  • Set your answer confidence threshold, we only respond directly if we exceed it
  • Manage your Q&A workflow from a single unified interface.


  • We analyze your existing corpus to help spot holes.
  • Automate human-in-the-loop feedback directly from Q&A - no wasted effort by your team!
  • Expire old content.
  • Continuous AI assisted improvement of documentation - backtest updates against historical Q&A.


  • Leverage Generative AI to create FAQs, Getting started guides, EIL5s, Tutorials, and other content types (coming soon!)
  • Reduce update time with automation and deep integrations with popular platforms.

Streamline your DevRel Team's support with Katara's seamless integration

RAG as a Service

Katara runs all the infrastructure and data pipelines required for a production ready LLM/RAG so you don't have to. Enhance the foundational model with your project specific data (never used in training).

Multi-Platform Support

Engage with developers on the platforms they love. Katara AI supports both Discord and Telegram, giving you the flexibility to reach your audience wherever they are.

Maximize Developer Satisfaction

Katara AI's intelligent solutions ensure that developers receive top-notch support, leading to increased satisfaction.

Transforming Developer Support with AI-Enhanced Experience

Provide developers with instant, accurate, and personalized responses to their technical queries, enhancing their overall satisfaction and loyalty. We always cite your documentation!

Time and Resource Savings

Katara AI operates 24/7 reducing the burden on your DevX team and freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on higher leverage initiatives. We're currently saving teams up to 4.5 FTE's annualized.


As your business grows, Katara AI grows with you. Our Platform scales effortlessly to meet the increasing demands of your DevX Team.

Transform Your DevRel Team with Katara AI

"45% Of DevRel's cite technical content creation as the top challenge."

State of Developer Relations Report 2023

"I find it challenging to keep up with the demands of content creation."

Developer Experience Engineer,

"I have to issue a new Foundation grant every time I need to update my docs and rewrite the SDK."

Head of DevRel,

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Meet the new standard for advanced DevX Workflow Automation